The Trace Viewer


RF::YAMS-TV (RF::YAMS Trace Viewer) is a smart, free tool for playback and enrichment of information of recorded RF::YAMS traces. This information, serves as a communication basis for the presentation of problems, ambiguities of processes or for documentation.

The possibility to record the virtual plant during its creation in order to send the plant planner and designer the plant processes as 3D-recordings opens up new possibilities of communication. We have succeeded in picking up the planners even earlier in order to point out possible misunderstandings due to design errors or lack of communication in good time.

By means of the freely usable and easy to handle software RF::YAMS-TV everybody can view the virtual plant during the development process and point out problems at the plant. Problems on the model can be discussed, markers set, information added and defined views can be stored.

download RF::YAMS-TV for free
The recording tool for signal characteristics


Perform unlimited recording in RF::YAMS

Use them for documentation or for error/procedure analysis and as a basis for communication in unclear situations.

Record an unlimited number of tracks

Recording of all simulation states. (Axis movements, collisions, material movements, docking procedures, conveyor technology, ...)

RF::YAMS-TV record
RF::YAMS-TV play
Plant sequences as 3D recording


Anyone can play the recorded tracks with all simulation states at any time. All recordings are available.

Use RF::YAMS-TV like a player to fast forward or rewind using the slider or to pause.

RF::YAMS-TV play
RF::YAMS-TV play

Show or hide your desired geometries at any time, just as you need it.

Jump to the markers or let the head-up display show you what is unclear at this point.

RF::YAMS-TV play
The recording tool for signal characteristics


Set your markers at the desired position and document what is unclear about this situation or where you have detected an error in the process.

Mark a collision using the markers and the possibility to attach a defined viewer position to the marker.

The changes you have made to the markers are saved separately.

RF::YAMS-TV edit

Download RF::YAMS-TV

download RF::YAMS-TV for free