The Virtual Commissioning-Tools

The RF Suite Logo in weiss foundation

3D Visualization



RF::YAMS is the dynamic 3D visualization of the RF Suite Logo in weiss and is used for the representation of complex 3D geometries.

RF::YAMS is the successor of the previous 3D visualization RF::SGView and is even more flexible and performant. With RF::YAMS complete production plants can be visualized. In addition, a numerical kinematics simulation is integrated in RF::YAMS, allowing the mechanical behavior of complex production systems to be perfectly simulated. Due to the volume collision detection, even minimal collisions between the displayed volume bodies can be detected and displayed.

Using the action script integrated in RF::YAMS, sensors and even a complex material flow can be mapped without problems. RF::MAX² (the successor of RF::MAX) is used to easily implement the action script. The signal exchange with other software products takes place alternatively via Shared Memory or via WinMod interface.

RF::YAMS is perfectly integrated into the RF Suite Logo in weiss and is ideal for use in virtual commissioning. RF::YAMS can also be used as 3D visualization for the Virtual Shadow.

Robot Compiler



RF::RobSim is the flexible robot compiler of RF Suite Logo. This allows new robot programs to be simulated and tested even before actual commissioning. Existing robot programs can also be loaded and executed.

It is possible to load kinematics models and programs of all known manufacturers of industrial robots or to create new kinematics. The most frequently used robot kinematics are already stored in RF::RobSim. The integrated syntax check of RF::RobSim makes it easy to correct syntax errors. All the robot part points are calculated exactly and hence reachability of all the part points in the program is ensured.

Through the interfaces of WinMod and ShM RF::RobSim can communicate externally with various programs. This enables the virtual robots to interact with real or virtual plant controllers (PLC) and the signal play between the systems can be optimized. RF::RobSim is the perfect tool for virtual commissioning of robot programs.

A variety of tools are available during program processing to facilitate debugging of the robot programs. The intuitive user interface of RF::RobSim allows the program to be operated by any user.

Peripheral Simulation



RF::ViPer is the modern peripheral simulation of RF Suite Logo in weiss. RF::ViPer is especially used in virtual commissioning for the simulation of peripheral elements in virtual systems.

Individual program blocks can be developed and combined in libraries. Once programmed standard elements can be re-used. RF::ViPer project usually consists of special programs and a multitude of library elements which can come from different libraries. Projects can be made executable in the form of virtual devices. It is possible to several devices in one project.

Programming in RF::ViPer is possible in different programming languages according to the IEC 61131 standards.

2D visualizations can be set up to operate the programs. Several standard elements are available for this purpose. However, you can also create your own visualization elements for special tasks. In addition, higher-level visualizations can be created with which complete projects can be operated.

An pre-configured and flexible ShM interface is available for exchanging I/O signals with other programs. This makes RF::ViPer perfectly integrated into the RF Suite Logo in weiss and serves as a central element for virtual commissioning.

Profinet Simulation



RF::FSBox (Fast Simulation Box) is the solution for Profinet simulation of RF Suite Logo in weiss.

Using the RF::FSBox, Profinet devices can be simulated easily. The devices are realistically simulated so that the connected controller cannot detect any difference between the simulated or real devices.

The RF::FSBox is thus the perfect simulation box for use in virtual commissioning. The configuration of the RF::FSBox can be easily determined from the hardware configuration of the PLC. This keeps the effort for the simulation of the Profinet devices very low.

Several simulation projects can be loaded simultaneously on one RF::FSBox. This allows virtual commissioning of several PLC controllers using only one RF::FSBox.